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Annabel Redd and Other Pornstars Accuse Ryan Madison


Ryan Madison is the next person to be canceled. This time all started with the post from Annabel Redd claiming Ryan came in her and forced her to deepthroat. Dozens of other pornstars got to twitter to claim they had the same bad experience with mister Madison.

Annabel urged fans to not watch her scene on PornFidelity. Many other pornstars came in to her support.
If you want a more detail review of the claims and tweets please visit this wbsite
Some Annabel’s fellow adult entertainers have created a petition for Pornhub to delete Ryan’s PH channel.
Annabel has claimed that she in fact said ‘breed me and ‘cum in me’ but thought it was part of the script, yet she was expecting him to pull out.  In case that was the case, there is no way Ryan could have known that as she does not seem to indicate any problem with the scene.
Ryan Madison created a twitter account to post his side of the story. Below you will have the chance to watch the two unedited videos and compare both sides of the stories and judge by yourself. He claims the shoot took 2 days and she never expressed any discomfort in any of the days. Kelly Madison was also there according to him. Based on Annabel’s recount of the story it was only Ryan and Her.
Regarding the deepthoart, we can see in the 20s minute mark that indeed Ryan pushes Annabel’s head for a DT and she has to spit after; however, again no conversation about how bad that was for her. At 28:44 she even DTs without being forced. Maybe she was just trying to be professional? We do not know that part, we just comment based on what we see on the video. Below the PR Ryan Madison sent out.
Skylar Vox also took twitter to mention that she had same issues but she stopped the shoot to clear up she was not ok with the creampies. They later agreed for an extra pay.
While what could have happened is that Annabel as a new girl did not know how to express her not being comfortable, however, Ryan did not know she in fact was. At least we cannot see that in the videos.
The fact that several pornstars are outing Ryan Madison is interesting. The fact that no agent has done anything to not book Ryan is also something to analyze. While unfortunately many agents just want their fee and do not seem to care much who fucks the girls, if there were so many stories about him, why would the girls just refrain from accepting the booking.
Many pornstars and fans have jumped to the bandwagon to cancel Ryan Madison, but we have I think that we always have to hear what both sides say. I do not think that Annabel is lying, but from what Ryan Madison posts it seems to be more a communication issue. Unless you can analyze it differently, it seems in fact Annabel was not comfortable but did not make it known to Ryan.
Nonetheless, it is very interesting that so many names have stated several bad experiences. So many bad stories do not make it look good for Ryan Madison.
Another famous example of a producer getting canceled is Pierre Woodman, who got trashed by Lana Rhoades and a few other girls. Woodman, who usually is hated by fans got a lot of crap from fans and other talent. However, Woodman released the footage from his security cameras which proved Lana Rhoades and other models where not telling the truth and  using excuses to keep the agents’ fee.
Athena May also came out to twitter saying she had no problem with Ryan. Jane Wylde, replied to her saying that giving a positive comment was like discreditng all the negative comments. Athena said she was only giving her own testimony.
Usually scenes are discussed beforehand. So that part we do not get. We can also think that in the discussion prior there was no mention of creampie or deepthroat and when Ryan did it Annabel just went with the flow. However, if that would have been the case, again in the footage we cannot see she told Ryan not to do it.
Again, here in we do not side with any of the parties, but just present you the facts so you can get your own conclusion. Unfortunately, people tend to have bias due to liking a girl or not liking the producer, or vice versa. It is true that some talent and directors take advantage of girls on set. Let’s remember Erik Everhard breaking Cassandra Calogera’s pussy or the same guy fucking Carolin Pierce in the ass when the scene was not suppose to include anal.
BoobsRealm may take some heat from some pornstars and might lose any chance to book certain girls in the future. However, I am just posting both sides of the story and what I can tell from watching the videos. Watch them all and get your own conclusion and feel free to comment. Maybe there are things I have not picked up as I only took a look at the minute marks mentioned by Ryan as well as several other minutes but did not take over 2 hours to check the rest.

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