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Beth Lily talks Tittyfucks, BBC, Anal and Dick Size


Former glamour model Beth Lily did an IG live with Comedian Michael Blackson. As the guy did not know she was a glamour model and not any regular big titty thot he asked her questions about tittyfuck, anal and BBC.

It was not an x-rated interview, but when Blackson, who has over 4M followers on IG was told by Beth Lily’s Management agency that he was going to do an IG Live session with a busty model who had onlyfans probably Blackson thought that Beth Lily was any given online masturbator and asked whatever he had on his mind. Who could blame him? Beth Lily who has been critically of sites and fans who put her photos and videos on sites with porn started shaking her tits and bouncing them around for the “celebrity”.

As Michael Blackson did know not much about Beth or that she was a former Pinupfiles and Page 3 model he just threw out some questions. Beth, who would have gotten mad at any random guy commenting that on a board, and even more asking it to her face replied each question with a smile on her face.

beth lily onlyfans

To the question about if she got tittyfucked Beth replied “definitively”. While we obviously assume 99% of the guys Beth has had sexual relations in her life would have asked to place their johnson between her pale H-cup naturals, we do not usually expect Beth Lily to talk about it…. unless you have over 4 million followers on social media.

When asked about whether she preferred small or big cocks Beth Lily replies that she does not have any preference. Bethany then adds that his -Blackson’s- would be too big for her to handle.  BBC could be too big.

Blackson then goes on teasing sucking her huge tits, which Beth plays along…SHe could feed 2 villages with those monsters, both agree.

beth lily onlyfans

During the interview we can feel Michael Blackson prefer big booties. Botth agree that Beth’s main feature are her big naturals as her ass is not PAWG ass. When moving to the anal topic, the guy says that he heard anal sex can help grow your butt Beth replies that she would rather have a small butt, from which we can infere she either has not done anal or probably got a lot of pain from it.

Watch the whole video below. While we would have loved him to ask her about getting facials or swallowing cum, at least we got something. Hey, she was very smiley about everything the whole time. Maybe she did not like that the questions were less “glamoruous” and more pornish, but you have to do what you have to do to get exposed to a fan base of 4M wankers right?

Note: Please keep in mind that Beth has on average the equivalent to 1000 fans on onlyfans who pay for her content. Check out Beth Lily Onlyfans.

So remember folks, some models get offended about your online comments, but you just need to get legit 2M followers so that model  will talk about tityfucks, anal and taking your cock and smile it like she means it.

Inside joke: Beth Lily sending a complain e-mail to BoobsRealm in 3,2,1…

Watch Beth Lily on Pinupfiles


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