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BNN Boobs News Network BoobsRealm under attack


BoobsRealm has been the target of attacks in the last three of day. It seems someone got their feelings hurt by the Kaitlin Bennet post.

So it seems some liberal idiot who lives in her basement mom got offended. Or he went to the threehouse to discuss serious world matters with his dorky friends and planned a systematic attack on BoobsRealm.

In the last 3 days this blog has suffered two DDos attacks. Also, the instagram account which is mostly posting other girls posts got reported twice in 10 minutes The photos which were ofthedrohoe and Florence Agapi were accused of being nudity and target harassment. This did not make any sense, but we all know IG is a platform full of hypocrite prudes, so my account might be deleted for the 4th time.

All these things are very fitting to the post about Kaitlin Bennet. Somebody got their asses hurt worst than if they would have shot for Legal Porno.

It is really interesting that some human being out there is going out of his way to just fuck up a website because that person is not able to continue his life due to the comments posted on a big tits blog.

Also, and this might be new to most of you… there is this guy who contacted a couple of models months ago telling him that they should not shoot with me because I was “a rapist”. Obviously that dumb anonymous fuck did not even know that first : I did not even shoot with anybody at the time of his message, so there was not any possible way he even know about shoots I did, because I had done none at that time. Second, what that idiot does not know is that most models have private chats groups where they talk, among other stuff, about photographers and fans accounts to block. So as a very famous pornstar who has not worked with me told me “We already know who you are and how professional you are, so the people that matters to know how you really are, know”

Also this individual screenshots the posts I made where I say something that can be taken about a model or model behaviour and contacts models saying I talk trash about them. I know this because one of the models, who ALMOST EVERYBODY ignores I am in ouch with and have talked about a photoshoot showed me the screenshot and told me all the guy said.

So folks, “if I can be serious for a minute” -only some will get the reference- there are people with really mental issues out there who just want to fuck things up. And yes, you can agree or disagree with the comments, but trying to take down the website or ruining my relationship with models will just mean no more news, no more updates and no more what many enjoy from the site. Let’s be honest, with all good or bad things, this site provides added value to boobs fans. It is more than photos and videos…

Oh and now I have catfishes on IG and twitter…. I guess I made it in life LOL.

At the end of the day the haters, right or wrong, are inconsequential. It is your right to disagree, but taking action to try to destroy the site crosses the line. regardless of your position, I guess that if you have some common sense, would agree that trying to take down the site is just something a fucked up mind would do.

To end up with a smile, tomorrow photos of Sophia Traxler wearing the famous Boobsrealm tank top.

And this weekend on the Boobs realm Onlyfans… Hanna Orio gets her tits oiled by manly hands!

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