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More in-depth analysis of Matti Marroni interview


We analyze more the Matti Marroni recent interview and some interesting points about the rise of the teen sensation.

Remember the interview Matti Marroni interview on Youtube. Have you wondered  how this not famous account got the interview with the girl everybody is talking about?  Maybe the video was staged. Matti was well prepared to answer every question. Maybe this was more scripted than promos in WWE.

Besides that, have you wondered about Matti? This might be the last time I will post about her -maybe not, only if she is included in the Miss Boobs Realm 2020-.  I have never felt good vibes about the Matti circa. She speak well English, but also perfect Spanish as the way she pronounces the “R”.  When she started people thought she was in Latin America. There was a picture of her in a very modest room with a flag of Uruguay on the wall. Time went on and she appeared in a shoot with an infamous photographer in LA who shoots certain models exclusively…. and there is another weird vibe from that too.

Matti always looks bored and her body out of her soul in all SHORT VIDEOS, but she is very eloquent in this interview.

Matti had big instagram accounts which later were transferred to other models… Hmm how come? Is this a business scheme to create accounts with huge followers and then sell them? But were those the accounts posting exclusive photos? Is this a well-thought plan? Is Matti making any money from the Onlyfans? Is she “Marroni” because she is latina and has some tanned -brown- skin?

Whatever the truth is, maybe we will find out sooner rather than later. I am not saying anyting, just asking questions…

I do not think we will see more Matti Marroni past 2021. this is just a prediction’ let alone working for anybody.

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