AltStar Magazine: Anna Bell Peaks Interview

Chances are, you know Anna Bell Peaks. If not- you probably haven’t been scrolling around AltPorn enough (If I were you, I’d fix that!) but here is your chance to get to know this gorgeous girl.

Anna Bell Peaks is a very, very interesting woman, and I had the insane pleasure of chatting with her a little bit about work, her Masters in accounting and her upcoming projects. We also talked advice, and what a day in the life of Anna Bell Peaks looks like. I shouldn’t need to tell you, it’s a fun day! But I know you’re not here to read what I have to say, so take a looksie down at the interview and learn something new about the pink haired Ms. Peaks.

Hi! First I would like to thank you for taking the time for this! Now, you’re pretty well known but while I was doing some research I came across something I didn’t know that I thought was super interesting. You have a Masters in accounting! Tell us about that?

I was a straight A student in High school and all thru college, which I attended 100% online while working full time. Ive always been a driven, hard worker, and numbers make sense to me. I love being a CPA and enjoyed my career in the accounting field a lot! It wasn’t that I got tired of the work or anything like that. I was a successful businesswoman. When THIS whole life of opportunities opened right in front of me, it was a careful planned decision to switch career fields, live life to the fullest and be the absolute best in THIS industry too. I can always go back to being a CPA, I will retain my license even though I don’t practice. But I know I only get this shot once, so I grabbed it and I’ll fiercely live, perform, and enjoy my work til I cant do It anymore.

I have to ask, if you could give any accounting tips to other cam girls/porn stars, what would it be?

Pay your estimated taxes and don’t get behind. Find someone who can help you take advantage of allowable business expenses, and, incorporate, if you are going to stay in the business for a good length of time and make good money. Saves on self employment taxes.

Speaking of cams, I actually just saw one of your cams and I have to say you do a killer job! I know along with MFC you use a couple other sites. I’d love to hear more about that! Do you like camming?

I LOVE camming. I love the interaction, and my ability to feel like the guys are right there with me enjoying every touch and orgasm. I love that its totally different than high end porn. Its Amateur vs Professional, and there’s two overlapping groups of people out there that enjoy each type for different reasons. I believe I do well in the industry because I’m one of the few Pornstars that loves and thrives pleasing BOTH audiences.

What advice would you give to anyone who wants to (actually, seriously) consider getting into adult entertainment

I usually say Don’t. 🙂

It’s not for the faint at heart, not for the naive young woman who has dreams of being a superstar. It’s NOT for an uneducated woman. Today’s and tomorrow’s successful Pornstar will be highly educated, driven, goal oriented, a social media nut, able to juggle tons of areas to make money and able to keep track of a business. This takes hard work. I don’t party, I don’t drink or do ANY drugs. I work my ass off and I LOVE EVERY SINGLE SECOND of my life because of it.

Now, you do a lot of different kinds of work. Some seems to veer closer to mainstream and some seems to be a little more alt. Is that something you plan and set out to do or is it something that happens? Do you find there is a difference in the two genres when it comes to the behind-the-scenes action?

I am very goal oriented when it comes to what I spend my very precious time on. The Porn-Watching world is an amazingly small part of the world population, so I venture into tons of mainstream areas as often as I can to open my audience and find new fans and followers in every social media platform I can. Whether it be my YouTube Channel, which is 100% PG and is all about my real life outside of porn, or if it’s a photo shoot or other work with Inked Magazine, an Enormous social lifestyle in the inked and alternative community, I know that my reach is extended by my mainstream endeavors.

One day, when the Porn world has kicked me out for being too old and ugly, I hope my mainstream following only continues to grow, where I can continue to show my LIFE and
let others follow in my AMAZING travels.

What does your typical work day look like?

When I’m home, I’m awake by 8am, on webcam 10am-2pm, off to the gym and running errands, then cooking dinner, housework, social media, all the other business things that can’t be done while I’m actually working (like interviews, mail, bookkeeping, booking travel, editing videos) then working again at night 10pm-2am. I sleep about 4 hours a day, every 3 days or so I have to crash a nap to catch up on well deserved sleep. When I travel, that whole day is OUT and a busy travel day of shooting, feature dancing, catching flights, webcam in between wherever I can, and usually on the go meals of protein shakes and skim milk. I absolutely LOVE IT.

And finally, tell us: What is going on in the world of Anna Bell Peaks? Are you working on anything right now? Working on details for anything? Any dirty details you can give us?

I launched my website in March 2016 and it’s doing fabulous. I’m launching a whole line of fan type products now including my own calendar, t-shirts, signed prints, worn set clothes, panties, and even cum rags with my face on them. This line is going to continue to grow as I launch a full womens line of shirts, merchandise with my signature, logo, and other themes until I have a full well-rounded store of sexy and chic merchandise for ladies, and fun and fresh merchandise for men to display and wear. It’s coming soon and I can’t wait til it’s complete.

Catch up with Anna Bell Peaks Here:
Anna Bell Peaks Youtube

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