Burning Angel: Interview with Small Hands


Small HandsIt’s often been said that in this age of mass production, mass consumption and instant gratification, real love is increasingly elusive. There are cries from those who shout at their TV sets, that Disney lied to us and there is no happy-ever-after. Of course, it’s true that life doesn’t end on a freeze frame, but the story of a guy named Aaron, aka Small Hands, is one of those that inspires and reminds us that the true bonds of human love have simply changed with the times.

It’s a time-honored love story for the new technologically-abetted era of sexual liberalism. Boy meets hot porn actress. Boy and hot porn actress fuck, date and fall in love. Hot porn actress slowly brings him into her line of work. They fuck each other’s brains out on camera for the internet, and have a great time doing it, as the whole world watches on, with its collective hand on its collective crotch, as a light touch of green-eye forms clouds in the corners of the collective cornea, at this lucky dude who has, to put it in his own words, got to “have his cake and fuck it too”.

Small HandsIf you’ve not seen his work, (and you really should), Small Hands, as he’s known in the porn world, is the heavily inked, rock star meets porn star, on and off-screen lover of the fabulous Joanna Angel, performer, director and general boss lady at altp0rn favorite, Burning Angel.

We sent him an email, curious about the trajectory of his life and how he got to be in this rather enviable position.

AltP0rn: I’m curious as to how you got started in porn. What were you doing before, and what was the chain of events that led to being where you are now?

Small Hands: I got into porn through my lovely lady Miss Joanna Angel, prior to the adult industry I did (and in some cases still do) many, many things. I was a bartender at craft cocktail / mixology bars as well as nightclubs, I played in many bands over the years, have toured the world, I own and operate my own printing and graphic design company, I could go on and on hahaha. I like to stay busy. At some point I started doing scenes with Joanna for fun, and over time started performing with other girls on our site BurningAngelAandJ After a while, I started to get requests from other companies to perform, and BAM here we are!

AltP0rn: What’s your philosophy towards making porn and sex in general?

Small Hands: I love porn, I love sex, and I love my relationship. It’s the life I always wanted but never knew it could exist…. I have my cake and get to fuck it too 😉

AltP0rn: Where do you see things going in the future?

Small Hands: As for the future, I’ll keep doing it as long as people like watching me 🙂 (and as long as my dick works hahaha).



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