Christmas Party Passion with Hailey Rose & Octavia Red

Hailey Rose and Octavia Red are discussing what to wear to an office Christmas party. They receive a text from their boss, Max Fills, who is on his way. Octavia suggests they have Max pick them up, and they work together to dress Hailey in a sexy dress. Max arrives and they demand his opinion on what to wear.
As they make their way to Max, they engage in a series of sexual acts, including cowgirl, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, doggy, and dicking down in doggy. Hailey mounts Max’s tongue to eat her pussy, while Octavia tries to eat her clit. Hailey gets her pussy licked and fingered, and Octavia moans and rocks back against Max’s strokes.
Max goes low to fuck Hailey while Hailey suckles Octavia’s titties. He covers Hailey’s big naturals with his juices, and the girls enjoy the cum together. They agree that their bedroom party is better than a company Christmas party.

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