JOI Boobs Tease With Chloe Surreal

JOI Boobs Tease With Chloe Surreal

Staying at home alone doesn’t have to be boring, especially for someone with a wild imagination like Chloe Surreal. Clad in a white mesh top and black lacy underthings, the buxom angel occupies herself with naughty thoughts as she lounges on the couch in the living room. Her captivating curves are on full display. Chloe plays with her natural jugs, squeezing and caressing them through her long-sleeved top that leaves nothing to the imagination. The beautiful brunette even pinches her rosy nipples through the holes, making them hard and sensitive to her touch. A few sweet smiles grace her lips as she imagines rougher hands caressing her soft tits and teasing her. Lifting the edge of her top, Chloe continues to play with herself, roughly grabbing and licking her stiff peak with the tip of her hot tongue. Sitting on the armrest, she slides her black panty to the side and displays her wet pink pussy to no one in particular.

Sliding her manicured finger down her folds after lubricating it with spit, the curvy babe rubs at her clit a bit before rubbing some of her pussy juice on her nipples and licking it. Any man would have been lucky enough to watch this sensual display, and this train of thought pushes Chloe on to massage her luscious funbags. She imagines how a man would start stroking himself faster while watching her and eventually cumming all over himself. Instead of ridiculing her imaginary lover for finishing too soon, the not-so-innocent girl next door will praise him and call him a good boy. Chloe moans at the thoughts while running her hands up and down her body, grabbing at her tits and letting some of her spit trickle onto them. She plays with the fluid, thinking of how it would be better if it were a handsome man’s hot cum.

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