Kay in a cheerleader outfit undresses to her pantyhose

Kay was always a bit of a cheerleader. She loved the attention she got when she was dressed up in her cheerleader outfit, shaking her pom-poms and leading the crowd in cheers. But when she was alone, she had a different kind of cheerleader in her mind. She would secretly take off her uniform and put on her pantyhose. She loved the way they felt and the way they hugged her curves. She loved the way they made her feel sexy and confident. But even more than that, she loved the way they showed off her big, beautiful tits. She loved how her nipples poked through the fabric and how the sheerness of the pantyhose made them look even bigger. She would stand in front of the mirror and admire her curves, pushing her tits up and out and feeling the fabric brush against her nipples. She felt so alive and sexy, and she loved it.

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