Sixth Interview With Roxanne Miller

Now I know it has been awhile since I’d last talked about the always lovely Roxanne Miller who continues to do what all content creator do best which is teasing and entertaining so many boob fans likes myself to helps gain furthers wide popularity. A few months ago in previous article, I’d talked about Roxanne Miller who had setup a new official website to encourage many boob fans to go check out, and possibly gets their money worth to see any new original content which helps her gains further wide popularity. That being said, I’d also mentioned that she had lost some weight (which possibly upset some bbw fans) but thats didn’t stop her from making a bigger name for herself.

With beautiful huge tits and a nice round curved ass, she continue as always to use these voluptuous plumped assets of hers to get everyone attention from boob and bbw fans to horny pervs alike in a mere instant when it comes to pleasings those before her. In this sixth interview, the always very lovely Roxanne Miller finally reveals further details and tells us what further plans she has in the porn industry as many fans are eagerly wanting to know the answers while also hoping to sees something new or different from her throughout this year. There is no doubt in my mind thats her recent and latest contents would most definitely makes any guy dick hard for her in a mere instant especially when seeing those melon-size juggs of hers in action.

To my knowledge, Roxanne Miller may have slowed down on certain ambitious projects but she still continue to do what all content creators do best which is teasing and entertaining so many longtime fans like myself while drawing in newcomers to gain wide popularity. Like as before you can follow her on Twitter, @RoxanneMiller30 and @RoxxanneMiller to gets the latest updates if you are most definitely a longtime fan of hers or just a fan of beautiful romanian plumpers, in the meantime check out my sixth interview.

And be sure to check out the always lovely Roxanne Miller on profile over at for original content if you are definitely a big fan of hers.


Sexcraftboobs: #1 Hi, Roxanne! Welcome back to Sexcraftboobs! How are you?

Roxanne Miller: Hey! I’m very happy to be here! I’m good thank you! I’ve been working on a project like I haven’t done before and I’m really really excited about it! 🙂 😀

Sexcraftboobs: #2 That sounds great! Care to give us and your fans a hint or two?

Roxanne Miller: You know I have done breast expansion videos in the past! Well the one I did just now will be on top of them all! 😉

Sexcraftboobs: #3 What is different about this one?

Roxanne Miller: First of all it was written by the one and only who introduced me to the fetish. Second he directed me live through a call and we wrapped a scene only when both were happy about it. We rehearsed and we added plenty of props but also sound effects, AI voices and all that. The angles vary so the story gets to be dynamic and fluid, serving the fetish just right! It was the first time when we both worked like this, with live directing and coaching and I must say that without my mentor, it would have been a tedious job, due to the amount of details that he kept track of and I was able to focus on Molly. We really hope the fans of breast expansion will embrace Molly.

Sexcraftboobs: #4 Sounds like you put your heart and soul into it!

Roxanne Miller: Oh! We did! I’ve always felt like I haven’t done a too good job on the previous stories and I wanted to make up for it. Plus, the script was so interesting from the first read that I could see myself playing Molly!

Sexcraftboobs: #5 Molly? You won’t be Roxanne?

Roxanne Miller: My dear mentor baptized this character Molly and I loved the idea of me, Roxanne, playing characters under new names. So Molly is a shy girl who gets hired at the “Breastaurant” and something happens and she keeps outgrowing her uniforms. The HR is not happy about it, she’s been to 3 doctors already and nobody can figure out why her breasts keep on growing. We will see after this video will be out how we will grow this character. I have a few other characters in mind, but I will mention only Lucy, who comes from money, but she left the comfort of home to live her dream and become an actress, despite her mom’s desires. She is having a hard time, because she works a lot and the casting calls are not as often as she would need. She is offered a job in a softcore porn movie and from there the character is going to explore a lot and have fun with the new life choices. And for all the kinks I enjoy there will be a character to grow and have fun with it. I feel like I can explore more of these characters in a series, rather than here and there videos. But of course the custom content will be tailored to the needs.

Be sure to check out the always lovely Roxanne Miller on profile over at for more original content if you are definitely a big fan of hers.


Sexcraftboobs: #6 Sounds like you are enjoying a lot your work! What other plans do you have?

Roxanne Miller: I want to give something back to the community so I have made some new content for youtube that will be published soon, I’m new to it but trying to grow the community on Discord. Reddit will follow soon and of course growing my OnlyFans Page. There are daily hot posts that will keep the guys excited and motivated. The content that will come is 1000% more elaborated and has plenty of interesting things to say! Also, my website, and there fans who don’t want to be on a platform can find info, can read my blog and can find alternate payment methods like crypto. I’m also running a special for those who want to spoil me with lingerie, they will get an exclusive video with me having fun in it. Soon I will have some giveaways as well, but all step by step. 😉

Sexcraftboobs: #7 Seems like you have your hands full! Can you tell us a bit about your body changes?

Roxanne Miller: Sure! I’ve been open about it all this time. Last year when I closed my cam studio, I was in a very low point of my life, both physical and mental. I made peace with it and decided to take care of myself. I started sleeping 7-8 hours a night and soon enough I discovered that I lived with gut pain my entire life, without ever putting the finger on the cause. It blew my mind when I figured out it was starch. Living without feeling like I will explode at every step pays off the lack of starch(potatoes, beans, chick peas, green peas, pasta, bread etc). I’m eating plenty of meats and bacon and vegetables and I’ve learned to cook again, listening to my body. I’ve lost 50 pounds eating fat and my blood tests are better than ever and I’m feeling better than ever. I’m energetic, I am up to plenty of tasks and more active. I also discovered I have ADHD so it was a time of reflection for me. I looked at all my patterns, understood my cycles in behavior and I’m treating myself with kindness when I feel like I can’t push further in whatever situation I am. That came with a huge relief, because I am not burned out anymore and I love, appreciate and respect myself more than ever. I’m really grateful for what I’ve been given and what will come! 🙂 😉

Sexcraftboobs: #8 That is a real turn and myself and all the fans are happy to see you get healthy and stronger! We are definitely excited to see what you have coming! Before ending this interview tell us again where fans can find you.

Roxanne Miller: As for social media instagram(theroxannemiller), twitter(@Roxannemiller30), youtube(@theroxannemiller), discord(theroxannemiller). For the live cams streamate(RoxanneM), chaturbate(roxannemiller34m), skyprivate(roxannemiller) and of course manyvids(roxannemiller) and onlyfans(roxannemiller) for the content. My website has all the needed links in the contact section and all the details that are needed and it’s . Let me not forget my pornhub profile where guys can see some of my videos and plenty of teasers of the videos. 😉

Sexcraftboobs: #9 Roxanne, we thank you for the insights and we can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Roxanne Miller: Thank you too for all the support you’ve shown me all these years! To quote Elvis Presley “May God bless you as he blessed me!” 🙂 😉

Like as before you can follow her on Twitter, @RoxanneMiller30 and @RoxxanneMiller to get the latest updates and be sure to check out her official website, for even more original content if you are definitely a big fan of hers.


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