AltPorn Model Feature: Azrael Arden

Azrael Arden was already one of my favorite altmodels on the planet, before doing this interview. I love her ever-changing creative styles, her cute expressions, the way she poses, and the enormous pussy cat tattoo over her pussy.

But it is even better to find out that someone is extra terrific after finding out more about her. I have used Special Effects on my hair before, but I just heard of 50 volume peroxide for the first time from Azrael Arden. She also got her altporn model start in a more adventurous way than most. I look forward to seeing what kind of fashion design this talented girl does in the future.

Check out APN’s exclusive interview with Azrael Arden and find out everything you need to know about kitties who can knock you out, CraigsList adventures, where you can see her naked, and what she surprise costume she is going to wear for Halloween.

AltPorn Model Feature: Azrael Arden

AltPorn Model Feature: Azrael ArdenHow did you get started modeling?

The first site i was ever on was in 2004 and it was called K.O it was a wrestling/scratch fight site. We came up with the name Azrael and it basically stuck…forever. aha. I then answered a craigslist add…yes craigslist! I don’t advise anyone to do that, as it is very dangerous. Well i got lucky and met up with two guys from hoboken and we started I then became really busy with finishing school and decided I couldn’t keep up with the content updates. Then in 2007 I joined, because shooting for a site with 200 something girls is way less time consuming than having your own site. I met so many awesome chicks and got to do so many things through them..its just a great company to work for.

Do you have any fashion or hair tips for how other models might try to vary their style as impressively as you do? What sorts of things lead you to learn how to mix up your style so often and so well? I especially want to know how you got that great shade of blue!

Well every year as I get older I am changing my style. Each year I am being inspired by diff types of people or diff trends in fashion. I try to stay in style and follow the rules of fashion while being my own person at the same time. I actually am a fashion designer shh! ..anyone who wants blue hair.. You have to strip your hair to a light yellow or white. You must do this or it will look muddy! Use a bleach packet w/ a 40 or 50 developer. Then use a dye called special effects..they come in all kinds of awesome colors and they stay! I used fishbowl for my turquoise hair.

AltPorn Model Feature: Azrael Arden

Who are some of your favorite photographers?

There are so many good ones…I once did some really pretty pictures with michelle star, Hiam bargig is fantastic of course, bob coulter dont even need to mention he is fabulous we all know that…the lovely brenda has taken some great photos of me and other burning angel broads, Chris jaime Took the infamous whisky n me .foot in pussy photos…o and destro damus takes the best ass photos ever. my ass looked like a fuckin peach.

AltPorn Model Feature: Azrael Arden

Who are some of your favorite fellow models?

I am known to be friends with a few burning angel models! so I am partial to them of course! I’d say my burning angel friends make an all star team! Mayhem, Morgan mae, Draven, Jessie Lee, Joanna, Whisky, Bella Vendetta…and my girl crush..who i hope to shoot with soon…*wink wink nudge nudge* Miss Genocide.
AltPorn Model Feature: Azrael ArdenAltPorn Model Feature: Azrael Arden

Where has your work been featured? Altporn sites, magazines, videos, books, clothing catalogs, or anything like that? Where can fans find you?

*takes a deep breath* ook… sites-,,,,, out i have done some really fun stuff for them..I pop up in random tattoo magazines, i think i was in bizarre once..and some playboy related stuff…I’m in the burningangel book..I kinda lost track..but if you google my name some interesting shit should pop up. lol
AltPorn Model Feature: Azrael Arden

Why don’t you use your full name Azrael Arden on all the sites you are on?

I think I do they just show me as Azrael sometimes. Im all over the place I lose track of stuff im on I’m terrible lol

Azrael Arden at her house in Philadelphia

What are some of your favorite sites/publications?

between you me, and the rest of…I love free porn sites. lol. Sorry! I also really love random peoples fashion blogs..and lolcats. aha

Azrael Arden at her house in Philadelphia

Any appearances we should be keeping an eye out for or projects you are hoping to work on or anything of that nature? What is next for Azrael Arden?

Keep looking at burning angel…there is some sweet content to be put up! I also Randomly do youtube video blogs..I need to make new ones i delted my old ones because I looked awkward.

Do you know what you are going to be for Halloween yet?

yes.. I am going to be a sexy woodland elf. Don’t judge me. I’ve been a god damn cat for 5 years..trying to break the mold.

AltPorn Model Feature: Azrael Arden

Be sure to stop by Azrael Arden‘s APN profile and say hello.

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