AltStar Magazine: Sydnee Vicious Interview

Burning Angel Sydnee Vicious

Tattoos, comic books, and tatas. There are few things I love more in life than comic books and rock and roll. A woman who shares my love is one of those few things.

When I first saw Sydnee Vicious I was floored, and based on the fact this gorgeous lady won Fan Favorite for Best Punk Shoot I’m guessing I’m not alone. If you haven’t seen Miss. Vicious in action you’re missing out on something, but today I had an even better pleasure. I got to chat with her a little about herself, life, and of course porn! Ever wondered what a typical day as a porn star was like? Well, lucky for you I’ve asked the hard hitting questions here!

Burning Angel Sydnee Vicious

Hi! First, I’d like to thank you for taking the time for this interview. I’ve gotta admit, I really excited for it it! I checked out your profile on Burning Angel and I didn’t see much. Tell us a little about yourself?

Thank you for the opportunity! Oh man… I’m just a punk rock hippy chick that was definitely born in the wrong era haha. I live on a farm which I’m turning into a commune, and i love to make dirty movies ?

Okay, now I have a couple you’ve probably heard a lot. How did you get started? What was it like applying to be a Burning Angel model and how did you start working with Burning Angel?

Well I’d dabbled in some fetish work for private collections. And worked in a couple dungeons before. And I finally wanted to make the switch, and I had a friend of mine that knew some people over at Burning Angel and it was all happily ever after from there ?

What does a typical work day look like for you?

Oh man… I walk in the door fashionably late and then break a couple things cuz I’m a punk rock kid ? and then a whole bunch of hot punks show up and we bang and make smutt for you!!

Let’s talk about a couple of your sets with Burning Angel. First, I mean I have to ask- how was your first set with them? Were you nervous? It did win an award- how did you feel finding that out?

All hail the queen Joanna, she was so amazing head talking me through everything. She paired me with the two most amazing people. Bill Bailey and Seth Gamble are just such wonderful performers. I was super excited when I found out! I never expected it that’s for sure haha

And, did I see something about Pokemon in your videos? I’d love to hear more about that!

Oh I could go on for way too long haha. I’m such a nerd. Cosplay is my number one favorite thing. And I make sure to go to almost every Anime Con or cosplay Expo I can find. So I tried to carry that over and what I do. I’ve spent my whole life trying to turn myself into a real life anime girl, I hope its paying off haha.

What advice would you give to anyone who wants to (actually, seriously) consider getting into adult entertainment?

I’d tell them to make sure that they understand that anything out on the internet will be there forever. Don’t do it for attention, you’ll regret it. Don’t do it for any other reason than because you really enjoy it for you.

Burning Angel Sydnee Vicious

Burning Angel Sydnee Vicious

Burning Angel Sydnee Vicious

Burning Angel Sydnee Vicious

Burning Angel Sydnee Vicious


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