APNMag: Interview with Bob Coulter of CrazyBabe

Bob Coulter enjoyed the early years of his life as a musician and a record producer. In NYC he worked with a variety of artist ranging from Red Hot Chilli Peppers to Queen Latifah. Becoming increasingly dissatisfied with the direction the music industry was headed in the early 90’s, he decided to have a take at the quickly-growing cyber-world. He had an idea: launch a website dedicated to rock’n’roll erotica. Thus CrazyBabe.com was born. Coulter soon realized that the material that was already available wasn’t even worth stealing for his site so he decided to take matters into his own capable hands. Without any formal training, he started taking photos . And those are the humble beginnings of Bob Coulter.

His photography is instantly recognizable: vibrant colors, unexpected angles, unique-looking models refusing to submit to commercial beauty standards, worn-down and unexpected locations,… What ties all his work together is not only the subject matter –a female nude – it’s the rawness and realness of his images. If you are someone looking to marvel over the majestic female form I suggest sticking to Fine Art Nude photography. If your idea of quality photography is a black and white photo of a naked French woman with a bug bush, playing with her silk scarf while her body is made to look as perfect as possible with the use of artificial lighting and Photoshop’s liquify tool, stick to the European Artistes.

The photos he takes all tell a story; some of them look like movie stills from a strange explicit indie flick. The setting is usually an urban surrounding – as messy and as dirty as life itself. His models vary in shapes and styles depicting everything from bad-ass punk chicks, strippers, and deranged housewives. Yes, they are mostly in provocative poses but they are always in control and brilliantly insane! Those of us who appreciate the sharp realism and see the beautiful in ugly, find his photos extremely intimate, honest and powerful. Sexy is imperfect, sticky and sometimes it might even smell a bit funky, it’s not a lifeless human statue. Who wants to fuck that?

bob coulter

Mr. Coulter! AltPorn is delighted to talk to you many of our readers find much joy in your work and admire your crazy babes. Tell us – what are some of the characteristics of a model, let them be physical or not, that inspire you?

Nude Tits Pussy Ass CrAZyBaBeThe models I like working with the most are always very cool underground type babes. I’ll meet them and in a second or two know we will take great pictures together. Music is like that too. When you hear something new it only takes a few seconds to know if it’s good or not. I like my shoots to have a rock and roll crazy feel to them. And when I don’t have to coax the model to go for that look, like when that’s their everyday thing it all just flows. Also, it doesn’t hurt if they are seriously hot. I take better pictures when I’m shooting one model at a time. I don’t like shooting 2 girls or a guy and a girl. I’ve done lots of those shoots, but to me I feel like I’m documenting them, whereas with one model it’s a collaboration with the model and me. My good shoots are basically the model and me just hanging out having fun.

Can you describe a shoot that was completely bananas? What’s the most insane thing that happened on set?

I’ve been asked that before, but to me none of it seems all that weird. Maybe funny, but bananas. Would an actual banana through a donut into a model’s pussy count? The shoots where I don’t click with the model tend to be a bit weirder. Not with what’s going on, just with awkwardness. I was shooting with a model once and getting terrible pictures. I kept trying to talk to her and compliment her so she’d be more relaxed and into it. She had a HUGE Chinese character tattooed on her stomach. It looked bad, but like I said I was in compliment mode. I said that Chinese tattoo looks cool, what does it say or mean? She looked at me like I was an idiot and said, “its Chinese, it doesn’t say anything”.

Have you ever considered taking a leap towards moving image and making a video or short film? And if so can you share some details? Would you consider porn?

Nude Tits Pussy Ass CrAZyBaBeI actually wrote, shot and directed a feature-length porn movie called “CrAZyBaBe“. It features Kimberly Kane, Zak Sabathia, Nadia Nitro, Faith Leon, Ashley Blue, April Flores, Mandy Morbid, Marcos Leon, Dirty Harry, Brian Sherwood and Alex Gonz. Kimberly Kane and Nadia Nitro ditch their loser husbands Dirty Harry, Brian Sherwood and hitchhike across the USA to get famous. It’s all finished and looks amazing. I wish I could put it out, but there’s legal problems with the movie company that won’t allow me to release it.

Your images are very sexual. We are curious: what do you personally find sexy?

To me it’s always the woman’s face.

We all find inspiration in different aspects of our life. What inspires you and fuels your

I have no idea. It’s just there. Sometimes more than other times. Sometimes it converts to money easier than other times. I really have no clue

We at AltPorn are very thankful for taking the time and doing this interview. Keep kicking ass! For one last question, I’d like to hear your take on the Alternative adult scene?

Well, the thing with the alt scene is it’s interesting. It’s like why punk music started centuries ago, cause music back then pretty much sucked. To me most porn is a huge bore, it’s all the same. The alt scene tends to have some life and fun in it.


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