APNMag: Denver Max Bad-Dragon Interview

Beautiful vivacious Denver Max won Best Cam Girl in the 2016 AltPorn Awards. This creative tattooed vixen recently posted this remarkable erotic image of herself with a tentacle by Bad Dragon, so we just had to interview her about it. You can get your own tentacle at Bad-Dragon.com and see more of H. Morgen‘s photography at HMorgen.net and follow her on Twitter at @HMorgen. You can follow Denver Max on Twitter at @MsDenverMax and search for Denver_Max on MyFreeCams.


APN: What was the inspiration for you and photographer H. Morgen in creating this image?

Denver Max: Creating the image with H was kind of on a whim. We had previously talked about doing some photos in her bathtub with LED lighting (lights didn’t end up working) and it turned into tentacle magic. I had gotten my Bad Dragon Toy probably about a week before my shoot and I just had sent a photo of the tentacle her way to show it off! Next thing I know she messages me “yes, let’s use that in the shoot!”.

One of the reason I love working with her is because we collaborate well and are usually bouncing ideas back and forth on what we think will work. We didn’t have too much of a plan besides a sexy mermaid caught in nets gets it by the dreaded kraken!

It took a min and an extra set of hands (jdarko) to get the set looking good and the lights just right but what we got is one of my favorite photos to date!!

We’ve done a few mermaid shoots now. And quite a few smut shoots as well, it was about time to mix them!!

APN: What was the photo shoot like?

H. Morgen: Shooting in the tub with the fishing net and the dildo was kinda challenging!

Her husband had to hold the net up, also he had to hold the light base with his foot just to make sure it didn’t accidentally fall over, I get nervous with my lights around water. She had to hold poses, the net turned our cool pink water dark and that tentacle jizz was … So sticky and got all over us! It’s never a dull moment on an H Morgen shoot!

APN: What do you enjoy about Bad Dragon toys and why/how do you incorporate them in your performances and modeling?

Denver Max: Bad Dragon Toys really interested me because the simple fact of them being different! Most dildos are boring and have similar shapes to them. What’s cool about BD is the diverse shapes and sizes (holy fuck they get big!), firmness, color and other customization options (cum tubes..) they have when choosing your toy! There is literally something for everyone on their site!
Not only that but they really allow people to play out fantasies and fetishes while using there toys!

All around a great company with amazing customer service, I constantly rep them out to model and members and even some of my personal friends!!

Oh they also have their own cum lubes and toy cleaners!


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