BlueBlood: Superna Interviewed About Pot Bust

A while back we covered an update Blue Blood did for their BarelyEvil bad girls and trouble makers site which featured super sexy tattoo pin-up Superna showing off some beautiful buds. Although drug use is common in the alt community and marijuana policy debate has been heating up within the youth activist circles, this still seemed like a pretty bold layout.

It turns out that there is a huge dramatic story that goes along with this photographic series that can only now be fully released. Blue Blood boss Amelia G just posted a really interesting follow-up interview with Superna about her trials and experiences relating to the big bust of her ‘drug’ house and the subsequent arrest. It all sounds like a terrible thing to go through, but her attitude about it is enlightening. We also have a bonus free gallery from the shoot that is a little nakeder than the one Blue Blood just posted on their non-adult entertainment and community site to go along with the interview.

BlueBlood: Superna Interviewed About Pot Bust

Blue Blood writes:

So we posted the whole sexy series of Superna serving a couple pounds of weed in the BlueBlood VIP some time ago and, in honor of 4/20, we posted a free 420 photo gallery here. What we have not been able to share with you all, because her and Individual’s case was still pending, is that her home was raided shortly after this. Superna is someone who just lights up a room. In my experience, Superna makes everyone around her smile, so I am shocked and appalled that someone would do this to her. She always radiates a certain beautiful infectious joy and it broke my heart that she had to go through this. I guess I should probably also have been freaked out that Forrest Black and I shot this photo set at her home, actually during the time period her house was under surveillance, but at least the photos had nothing to do with her arrest.

Superna: Oh my god.. .it was like a movie! 20 swat officers with machine guns at 7am.. my 2 roommates were there, but Individual and I were in Louisiana . . . They kicked in the door while Willie was watching FOX News getting ready for work.. they also kicked in the two fences to the back yard. They expected a HUGE bust, which did not happen, so they looked like idiots! When we got back to Cali . . .. they arrested me and Individual there to save face for all the cash they spent on their “huge drug stakeout”. My roommates took a deal with the DA and have to do drug classes and probation for 16 months, Individual and I are still battling it in court because we are actually innocent (even though that term doesn’t really mean anything once you’ve been arrested. It’s like guilty till proven guilty). Because it was our name on everything we are the ‘alleged’ big drug lords of the universe with 18 plants. Funny thing though, they got less than an ounce total off of all those plants 🙂 Our house was supposedly under surveillance when our car was stolen too. Cops didn’t help with that one… we lost our house while we were in jail and . . . Individual told them he was innocent and won’t do any . . . drug classes because he did nothing wrong… so they told him he couldn’t stay in the house over night. He is now sleeping in a tent in the back yard !! (heeeee) .. so …. carless… homeless… broke …. and I still can’t be stopped !! Someone has it out for me bad though. The police report is all based on testimony from a “confidential informant” who called the cops . . . HATERS!!! The best revenge will be my triumphant success!! . . . I love you.. and I can’t wait to see those shots of me and Individual’s jizz fest at our former house 😉 . . . I’ve been out of touch while in the slammer 😉

[Fast forward many moons . . .]

Amelia G: What finally happened with your case?

Superna: After the State of California spent thousands dollars trying to make a “case” against us, the case was DISMISSED 🙂

Amelia G: After smashing your totally cool living situation, did the State of California determine that actually you should have a pot prescription?

Superna: Yes we both have physicians recommendations for the use of medical cannabis, and the federally approved synthetic TCH “Marinol” (which is available in every state and at every Wal-Mart pharmacy in the country by the way). As a matter of fact, when we were drug tested every week during our probationary period, we were allowed to have THC in our system because the state of California recognizes the use of medically prescribed cannabis (prop 215), and the state and county judicial system is required to adhere the laws of the state. If this were a federal matter, it would have been handled differently.

Amelia G: You have such a sunny and warm personality all the time around other people. You always make everyone smile. Do you feel smoking at one point in time can make you more positive at another or is your sunny disposition mostly philosophical?

Superna: I think it is definitely a philosophical point of view, also a CHOICE to be happy at all times. I think for its medical use, it can help someone with easing anxiety, stress, boosting creativity, relieving physical pain… Let me put it like this : If you are a naturally easy-going person it can help you to be a “really” easier-going person. Likewise, if you are an extremely paranoid person, it will also enhance your paranoia. Sort of a mood enhancer, but also with dozens of other medical applications.

Amelia G: What do you personally find good and/or bad about smoking?

Superna: Personally, I don’t find smoking to be good, I find it to be great. Seriously, it helps so much with stress and anxiety, appetite problems, stomach disorders, high-blood pressure, tension, insomnia.. on the other hand, it is also a creativity enhancer – making creative endeavors flow with much more ease from the source. Every medical study that I have reviewed on the subject shows it to be non-addictive with no lasting or permanent unwanted effects. A natural remedy, as opposed to the chemical cocktails in the pills that are created artificially in a pharmaceutical laboratory with life-threatening side effects. As far as the “bad” aspects, its definitely hard being coined a “criminal” for choosing a homeopathic route as opposed to the so-called “legal” drugs peddled out of your local pharmacy and hospital. It boils down to it not being as popular yet with the general public…and they aren’t making any tax dollars off of the home grown remedies, so they push what will make them (and the lobbyists) the most money.

Amelia G: Do you think the rest of the country will eventually legalize all smokables or at least medical use?

Superna: I hope so. I think as everyone progresses in their thinking (away from the antiquated religious dogma),medical use will become more accepted, as will other choices of a personal nature. Things are changing so fast right before our eyes, and I have a very positive outlook for the future. Happy 4:20 🙂 Thank you, and remember to love one another!!

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