Feature: Interview with Alt Star Kleio

We all have our favorite individual alt stars here at APN, but Kleio is one of the most universally adored. She is best known for her dozens of appearances on BurningAngel and her joyful Kleio cam shows. Kleio always seems like she is blossoming into really fun sexuality, with a ready smile, and an adventurous spirit. Not to mention her hot body, extensive intricate tattoos, and ever-changing pixie punk hair. We’re thrilled that Kleio took the time to give us this exclusive interview. We talked about what altporn should be, how music videos can be more constraining than an alt site like BurningAngel, what it was like getting her wonderfully infamous pussy molded, blowjobs in unusual places, and what Kleio means when she says she needs help getting to the lemons!

Interview with Alt Star Kleio

You were in the Burning Angel movie Bartenders and you have been a bartender in real life too. What is the recipe for your favorite drink and do you have a really debauched bar story or two to share?

I worked as a bartender for around 5 years. I worked at a local biker and Coyote Ugly (yes, I had to get on the bar and dance) in Austin, Texas. My favorite drink is whiskey on the rocks, but if I want to get fancy I will make a good Black and Red or Whiskey Sour with egg white, I hate when people make them without it!

I do have a few stories from my debaucherous past! I worked at this one bar where I was kinda banging the manager. We would sneak off into the walk in fridge to bang. My code to get him into the back (where the fridge was located ) was ” I can’t reach the lemons, come help!” Convincing, I know. I would be waiting to give him a blowjob or bang.

kleio cyberskin pussy mold strokerWhat was it like having your pussy molded? Now that your APN award-nominated toy is out there, how does it feel knowing that fans are getting personal with it?

Getting my pussy molded for my very own sex toy was a fun experience! It was crazy to see how many people work on the molding process. So much time and detail goes into it.

I love knowing that people are using the toy and thinking of me! I have had people purchase my pussy stroker and use it while they cam with me. The thought of that is a turn on!

Kleio Panty Stuffing PTM DP

How would you compare the experiences of modeling, video scenes, and camming?

Camming is actually closer to bar tending than shooting video or modeling. I have a lot of regulars for my cam shows, just like I had as a bartender. I know a lot about their personal lives, we talk about current events, music, relationships, etc, except on cam it ends with me masturbating…

I do love shooting scenes for Burning Angel as well. I get to act, have my make up done by a professional and get laid. You can’t beat that!

What advice would you give new people who want to get involved?

Don’t do it for fame or money. Do it because you want to show off your body and love to have sex.

Burning Angel KleioIt seems like people watching your amazing cam shows can’t help commenting on your tattoos. What is the funniest and/or hottest thing someone has ever asked you about your ink?

A guy in my chat told me he wanted to see cum all over my zombie girl tattoo, So i ran around my apartment and found the closest thing i could find that kinda looked like cum (it was some of my facewash hahaha ) and did the best I could to make it look like it was coming out of a dildo. I was nervous that it looked terrible, but he was happy!

What was the most fun project you’ve done so far ad which were the most personally rewarding?

I recently shot for Burning Angel‘s new movie, Evil Head, a parody of Evil Dead. Besides getting re-animated as a possessed demon, I was in the famous tree rape scene. If you’ve seen Evil Dead you know what I’m talking about, if not, I basically get gang banged by possessed trees. I know you’re thinking “what the hell”, but It was super fun. The tree branches had dildos growing off them, I ended up with one in my mouth, one in my pussy and the last one in my ass all once!

Interview with Alt Star KleioDefinition: What is AltPorn to you? What should it be?

Altporn to me means being able to be who I am on film! When I occasionally work on things outside of the “Altporn” world (like magazines or even some music videos) I sometimes get asked to cover my tattoos or wear a wig, etc. When I shoot for Burning Angel, I get to be me! I also think alt-porn is more about the community than mainstream porn stuff.

Being able to be myself, have great sex on camera and make new friends who have all seen me naked is great, I personally don’t think it needs to be anything that it isn’t.

What do you personally find to be really hot? What really gets you going?

I really enjoy giving blow jobs. I like having a guy who lets me blow him anytime any place, because, well sometimes I just want to! I also like getting kissed all over my body before a guy or girl eats my pussy, it makes my whole body tingle.

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