AltStar Mag: Penny Poison Interview

There are many things that make a great performer and model, but one of the most important ingredients is to love what you do, which is exactly one of the many elements Penny Poison brings to the table. Every shoot, every stare, and every seductive pose she strikes deeply expresses her own enjoyment, which in turn allows you to have a better time while you savor her presentations.

Everything this gorgeous woman does has a marked and powerful provocative energy to it, which is clear from the first moment you see her in her numerous appearances, whether it is a live presentation, a webcam show, or a photo set; she shows you not only her sexy side, but also her amicable personality, her alluring intensity, and her confidence. All wrapped neatly inside her personal seal of eroticism. These attributes make her a talented performer who can enamor you with her graceful ways at one moment, and then turn up the lust factor of her persona to have you desiring to spend an eternity obeying her passionate whims.

There are many things, however, that escape the lens and do not appear in the presentations, but are an integral part of the performer’s life as well. These elements encompass what happens inside the mind of the performer herself, who is the one that goes around collecting experiences and getting ready to continue to infuse her actions with that particular charm that characterizes her.

It is this second part that we are interested in at the moment, as we recently had the opportunity to talk to Penny Poison regarding some interesting bits about herself and her contributions to the AltPorn world. The insights she provided are enough to hook you even further to this sensuous goddess.


What do you find most attractive about the AltPorn genre?

The expression of one’s self. It’s far more appealing to me than normal porn. I’ve always been alternative so it truly has an enticing and sexy effect on me. I have nothing against porn that isn’t alt it just fits who I am far more than anything else.

You have appeared in a lot of photo sets for BarelyEvil where you get to do many different things. I’d like to know: of all the photo sets you’ve appeared on, which one is your favorite?

I’ve done many for Barely Evil so kinda hard to list them all. My favorite one is the where I’m wearing a shirt that says “I Fuck For Satan” and I end up diddling my self with my Crucifix dildo. But it’s still hard to choose a favorite one since I love and enjoy all of them.

There is a particular BarelyEvil set where you are playing with a porcelain cross, which makes me wonder: What is the most exotic item you’ve used on a photo shoot?

I’ve put squids and live worms in me for a shoot I did last year with Marshall Bradford in Vegas. I enjoy all sorts of odd object and strange creatures. It’s an odd but super sexy fetish of mine, which I think is portrayed very well.

You have many projects that show your versatility, and one of them is doing webcam shows, how do you think cam shows allow you to better express your creativity?

There is a lot of freedom in doing webcam. I truly love that I can be myself and have fun with fans and customers who enjoy me being myself. It’s also nice to learn new things that I try out on cam that gives me a broad spectrum of more sexy adventures with pleasure.

What is something you’d like to try on your cam shows but haven’t had a chance to?

I’ve really wanted to do shows with a man. I’ve done girl/girl shows but truly want to have fun with a man on cam. I’ve been asked many times if I would but never really had the right opportunity. Luckily, I’ve met someone who is wanting to do cam shows with me. Keep an eye out for my couple shows with Jason Krychek a.k.a. Gene Jack-it.

BarelyEvil Penny_Poison

BarelyEvil Penny_Poison


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