My Big-Ass Date: Hands On with Tantaly’s Daisy Pro

Back in the caveman days, dudes didn’t have many options when it came to getting themselves off. I’m sure some enterprising neanderthals tried boning rotten fruit while gawking at cavewomen, but for most of human history, we’ve all just been using our hands and our imaginations. Things sure have changed, haven’t they? VR technology can drop us right into the dirtiest of movies, and the sex toys we have now put your grandpa’s inflatable broads to shame. Speaking of, have you met Daisy Pro by Tantaly? is one of the very top manufacturers of high-end sex doll torsos in the world. I’ve written about their website here at ThePornDude a couple times as the company has evolved, and frankly, I’ve long been lusting after those shapely partial ladies. My fantasies finally came to fruition over the weekend, as Tantaly was kind enough to send over one of their newest toys for me to get to know a little better. Daisy Pro is a highly realistic big ass doll with a trio of removable vaginas, and she’s a lot more receptive than the local gals on Tinder. Without any further ado, let me tell you all about her.

Tantaly Daisy Pro1

She Came Over on the First Date

Like most sex-toy shops out there, Tantaly offers free, discreet shipping. The package that showed up on my doorstep was indeed nondescript, a plain cardboard box of substantial size and heft. I dragged it inside and dug in like it was Christmas day. Inside the box was a carrying case designed just for Daisy, with Styrofoam molded precisely for those curves. A well-endowed but disembodied ass on your couch might have your guests asking some funny questions, but nobody’s going to wonder what’s in a big, mysterious, black zippered box in the corner.

The human brain’s a funny thing. A flat image on a screen can easily trick our bodies into thinking it’s time to breed regardless of the actual circumstances, and I had a similar feeling as soon as I saw Daisy’s juicy cheeks staring at me. Sure, the rational part of my mind knew she was just a lump of thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), but that didn’t stop my dick from twitching. When I actually touched Daisy Pro and felt her jiggle, the entire lizard part of my brain lit up, sending those horny impulses down to my nether regions and turning my pants into a full-on tent.

My Big-Ass Date: Hands On with Tantaly’s Daisy Pro

Tantaly calls their fake-butt technology Tantabutt. It’s a comically simple name, but I’ll be damned if this ain’t the most realistic fake ass I’ve put my hands on. It’s soft, it’s supple, and it behaves just like a real piece of cake. The animated gifs on the Daisy Pro product page are entirely accurate, but I was still impressed once I actually laid hands on the real thing. You only get a few inches of thigh and torso with this one, but I love the slight differences in texture between body parts, just like you get with a real woman.

I had to spend a few minutes just smacking that ass and feeling up all those curves, marveling at the realism. At just over 40 pounds, she’s one of the biggest fake ass dolls on the market. Her shape makes her slightly unwieldy to pick up, but a breeze compared to full-sized or full-torso dolls. I gave Daisy Pro a quick bath as suggested by the glossy Tantaly magazine she came with, and then it was time to get a little more intimate.

Thick, Juicy, Jiggly, and Always Down to Fuck

Daisy Pro’s flesh feels just as realistic to the lips as it does to the hands, and if I was guessing right, to the dick as well. My biggest dilemma was just deciding which hole to begin with. She comes with three interchangeable vaginas and a non-removable butthole, all 100% fuckable. The Super Stimulating pussy had been inserted prior to shipping, but I figured I should start with the Beginner Experience, if only for the sake of this review. Tantaly doesn’t currently have any other Tantaremoval pussies compatible with Daisy Pro, but may have some in the future if they develop more big ass dolls. I’ve got my fingers crossed and my boner raging!

Tantaly Daisy Pro4

Swapping the Tantaremoval twats is a fairly straightforward process, but I definitely recommend watching the video and being careful as hell. My home experiments over the years have proven TPE to be a lot more durable than it might feel at first, though it’s still a lot more delicate than real human flesh. Be particularly careful with the detailed parts, like the pink around the fuck-holes.

Once I had the low-intensity Beginner passage in place, Daisy and I were just about ready to get down to business. I set her on the edge of my bed, pumped her full of lube, and inserted a heating rod for some extra realism. About ten minutes later, I was balls deep, thinking, “Holy shit, this is the beginner pussy?” The noobs ain’t going to stand a chance, but hey, with enough practice, you’ll stop blowing your load in the first minute.

Even the relatively low-texture “beginner” vagina felt incredible on my dong, but it was that jiggling, bouncing ass that really made the experience. I recommend getting Daisy Pro right at the edge of your bed, so she’s almost falling off if you’re not there to catch her. That’ll help that ass smack against you hard with every thrust, bouncing in a way that really feels like she’s fucking you back. You don’t get that with a pocket pussy!

Next-Level Masturbatory Immersion with Tantaly

Long-form product reviews without any disadvantages listed often read like bullshit, so I had to spend some time thinking about what’s wrong with Daisy Pro. The thing is, her disadvantages are minor, and tend to be improvements over other dolls. For example, the process of swapping Tantaremoval vaginas is a little bit delicate, but way easier than cleaning a doll with a non-removable cooter. Some might find the big outer lips less aesthetically pleasing than slimmer vaginas, but it’s necessary for the convenience of interchangeable holes.

Honestly, I think her only real disadvantages are the ones she shares with all realistic love dolls. They require a fair amount of care and maintenance, they take up a more space than a Fleshlight, and they can be relatively expensive. At $599, Daisy Pro ain’t the cheapest big ass sex doll out there, but she might be the biggest. She certainly comes through on the features in a big way, too.

Tantaly Daisy Pro5

After giving myself a day to recharge, it was time for another throw with Daisy. This time, I inserted the Regular Experience Tantaremoval pussy, which offers more internal discs, orbs and chambers than the Beginner puss. Instead of going doggy again, I set Daisy on her ass on a bar stool. To increase the immersion even more, I fired up the Meta Quest 3 and I lit up a doobie. (I swear, it’s legal in my state!)

Having sex with a big ass that ain’t attached to a lady can feel a little weird, but Virtual Reality helps flesh out the rest of the illusion. I gripped Daisy by the cheeks as my VR counterpart did the same, Daisy’s partial body reacting to my thrusts in much the same way as the babe in my sex-goggles. 

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